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Grand opening illustration with red ribbon and gold scissors

Welcome to the new La Vista Blog. We are so excited to announce that the date is closely drawing near and we are looking forward to inviting you to our  grand opening dinner, yes, that’s right people a dinner  La Vista here at Ocean front restaurant in Cape Town.

What we have in store for you is an evening of food & wine pairing , Our goal here at La Vista is to bring new flavours to tantalize your palettes and to give you the greatest services available.


Pairing wines with good food

Whether you a seasoned pro or a first timer, serving the right type of wine cant be overstated.

Always remember the rules: Below are a couple of general guidelines to use when considering food and wine pairings this holiday.

1. Never serve a dish that is sweeter than the accompanying wine.

2. generally fattier meals do well with wines that have more tannins and can also stand up to high alcohol levels.The fat in the meats coats your mouth,Tannins act like road ploughs on a snowy day, clearing away fat deposits in your mouth so your next bite of meat will taste much like your first bite. Conversely, the fat coating your mouth softens the tannins in the wine by only allowing some of them to hit your pallet.

3. Match flavour intensities.

Bold tasting meals should be paired with bold tasting wines. Subtle flavours in food require subtle flavours in wine. It’s probably not really a surprise by this point but acidic food should be paired with acidic wine.

4. Don’t drink acid wines with creamy based sauces.

What you’ve created is a drink called a “Cement Mixer.” The Roses Lime Juice causes the cream to curdle and solidify, which is great fun for those watching but not so much for the one with the newly formed glue in their mouth. Albeit to a lesser degree, this is why acidic wines and cream based sauces don’t get along.

5. Do not try pair meal with side dishes unless you are serving them one dish at a time.

Match the main course instead. Finding a wine that complements something sweet will likely ruin the flavour of your other savoury dishes.


We are intrigued to hear from you, follow us on twitter @La Vista Restaurant, if you are excited as we are for the launch don’t hesitate to Contact us   Bookings are mandatory.



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